Dear Friends of Jagbags
We want to share our customers comments and ideas so we have inaugurated this new section on our site.
Over the years we have customized a lot of different versions of our liners, adapted to your special requirements and we receive a lot of feedback and photos.
If you have anything that you think would be interesting for us or for your Backpacker friends please email us and we will include it in this section. We will only publish your comments if you specify that you wish us to do so.
Thank you for helping us to improve our service.

Jackie Gardiner


Thought that you might like to see an alternative use for your sleeping bags. We are travelling around the world over the next 5 months and have started with a week in India where we had dinner one night with my former boss. As we are travelling light we did not really have 5 star hotel wear so Sally improvised using her sleeping bag as a silk shawl for dinner at the Taj President in Mumbai. So maybe Jagbags are the next thing to be seen on the catwalk in Milan or Paris?!

Thanks again by the way for getting our bags to us so quickly before we left.



I had debated a liner for my sleeping bag for a while. After doing some research I had decided that I wanted to get one, maybe not so much for warmth (at first), but rather to keep my sleeping bag clean. (I do bring designated sleep clothes also to help with keeping the bag clean also.) So now I just had to figure out where I was going to get it from. I was leaning towards the Sea To Summit liners, but then a respected forum member had suggested the Jag Bag silk liner. After looking onto them I thought it would be a good option, and it was also less expensive than the other liners I had looked at. /br> So I ordered one...
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Can you do an Endura multi-color De Lux in extra wide? (210 by 115, pillow slot and flap) If so, what is the price?
I loved the last one I got from you (could it be 10 years already???), and it is time for a new one.
After numerous trips to China, Europe and Central America, it is pretty ragged, thread worn and has several tears. I love it still.
The ones that my wife and kids have are still in good shape. Then again, they don't travel near as much as I do.
Let me know.

Steve Tackes

Hi Jackie
I recently ordered a long sleeping bag liner from your company to be delivered to the Falklands.
I received the order a couple of days ago and would like to thank you.
I am extremely pleased with the product and in fact tried it out on the night it came and was very impressed with how warm and comfortable it is. I think it is going to be a vital part of my equipment for my year travelling around South America.
Thanks again


Thank you and some questions

Over two years ago I bought from you an endura extra wide sleeping bag for overseas travel. Since then, whether at home or away it is in use 99% of the time - summer and winter, by itself or as a bag in bed. (Do you have an addicts support group? - only kidding!) I'm impressed with its longevity especially as it's in the washing machine a couple of times a week (tut tut on me - I know this is not the best care). So I'm thinking about buying another one or two...
? I'm thinking about an extra wide and long. If they are too big does one end up getting twisted up in them.
?I hoped you would have available my favourite colours - multi green and purple - but no? Stunning colours together.
Thanks in anticipation of your response.
Kind regards


You just called me to verify my credit card number. Moments later the VISA credit card fraud department called to verify that this was an authorized purchase. Luckily I was home to receive both calls.
Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to call me personally, especially from so far away.
We really love the silk bag liner that we purchased a year or so ago. I bought it for myself, but since my wife seems to have taken over exclusive use of it I thought it time to get one of my own.
Thank you again,

William “Jim” Schmitt

Subject: thanks
I thought I would quickly email you to say thank you very much for the excellent product and service you provide. I received my liner today after only ordering a few days ago which I think is amazing considering the distance involved.
I will definitely be recommending you to anyone that will listen (I ordered through you due to many great comments about you on a UK backpacking website).
thanks once again!

Regards Tim

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