Silk Sleeping Bag Liners


From top to bottom, left to right:
Blue, White, Violet, Cerise, Turquoise and blue, Sunset, Paua


We make silk sleeping bag liners and travel sheets for hostels. They are ideal for backpackers and travellers.
Jagbag Liners are available in white and hand dyed in beautiful colours.
The colours have a smudgy appearance.
White undyed.
2 plain colours: Violet and Blue.
4 Multi colours: Turquoise and deep blue, Sunset (apricot shades), Paua (greens into teal-blues), Cerise with violet blues.

Each liner comes with its own matching stuff sack.
"Endura silk" is stronger than the fine silk and is best for heavy use over long periods. It can be used as a stand-alone summer sleeping bag. It has better wick ability and also inside a sleeping bag it adds more warmth than the fine silk liner. It will last for many years. "The Lightweight Fine silk" is best used when every ounce or gram is important as during expeditions or mountaineering. The silk is very fragile and will not stand prolonged use without becoming bruised. It is fine for brief trips.


We have very many customers who ask us to customize liners from their own specifications and we do this for a small extra charge.
Examples of this:

  • A Hi tech mummy liner with side opening and 'Popper' closure.
  • A special Mummy liner for a Hennessey Hammock with open bottom closed with a draw-string.


We have made many other variations in between these two requests!
Just email us with your ideas; we enjoy a challenge!

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Specifications of our sleeping bag liners


Following the retirement of Jackie and Boyd Gardiner in late 2010, Jag Bags are now being produced in Scotland by long time Jag Bag agent, Paul Roberts.  A new Jag Bag site will be launched in April 2011 but in the meantime, Jag Bags are available from Paul's webite at:

 Fine Silk 
Fine Silk Blue or Violet
Fine Silk Multi Colour*
Endura Silk
Endura Silk
Blue or Violet*
Endura Silk Multi Colour*
Rectangular Standard
Extra wide
Extra Long
De Lux
Hi Tech mummy

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