Silk Money Belts
Our money belts are made from two layers of pure silk, they are very light and soft against the skin and easily washable.

They have a belt of non roll elastic which is adjustable and extremely comfortable to wear.
To protect your documents from moisture put them inside the plastic bag  which is provided with your money belt then place in moneybelt or neck pouch.

We have two different kinds of money belts.

Smaller and compact best for hiking and biking
One side for travel documentation and the other side for money and credit cards for easy access

8" x 5" // 20 x 12 cm

9" x 4.5" // 23 x 11.5 cm

The One pocket silk money belt is 8 inches long and 5 inches deep.
The Two pocket belt distributes the contents more evenly around your waist. Each section is 4.5 inches deep by 9 inches long.
We supply a zip lock plastic bag in which to place your documents inside the belt so than moisture does not penetrate the papers. The elastic belt is adjustable .Cut to fit and burn the ends of the elastic to prevent fraying of the soft non roll elastic.
The money belts are not bulky at all being made from 2 layers of fine silk you scarcely know you are wearing them.


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